The Manage pop-up allows you to manipulate your interrogations, edited data and stored concordances.

A big issue with existing linguistic software is that it’s difficult to retrace your steps. This makes it hard for you, or others, to reproduce your findings.

When you open a project, corpkit will load up any saved interrogations, concordance and images. Similarly, most of what you generate while using the tool is stored to memory. By clicking MenuManage project, you can view, edit and delete this saved and stored data.

At the top of the Manage project pop-up, you can pick the kind of data you want to manage. Once you’ve selected something, it will be loaded into the box below. Permanently saved data will be highlighted in green. If you have unsaved interrogations or concordances, they will appear highlighted in red.

For interrogations and concordances, you can use Manage projectto export to CSV, remove from memory, or save or delete from your hard drive.

If you select an interrogation and hit View, you can see all the options used to generate the result. Queries will also appear below, in case you’d like to copy and paste them.

This level of interrogation management ensures that anything you uncover during your investigation can be reproduced by yourself, and by others. In fact, you could send your project directory to someone else, and they could open it with corpkit and quickly manipulate your results.