This page lists common errors and the steps needed to troubleshoot them.

Unidentified developer message

If you can’t open corpkit because it is from an unidentified developer, simply control-click or right-click it and select open that way. There’s a little more information about this weirdness on the Apple website.

Missing dependencies: Java, CoreNLP, TeX

corenlp sometimes needs things that it doesn’t come bundled with. Most of the time, you’ll be prompted when this happens, but things can sometimes still go wrong.

For example, when searching parse trees, your Mac will pop up a message if you don’t have the right Java installed, and will point you to a website where you can get it. Once it’s installed, restart corpkit and try again. If the error persists, the reason is that your Mac actually pointed you to the wrong Java distribution. The one you need is here. This, unfortunately, is an error that’s pretty much out of corpkit’s hands. See here for more info.

CoreNLP path

If you move the corenlp/ folder somewhere else, corpkit won’t automatically find it. You can tell corpkit where the parser is via the Set CoreNLP path option in Preferences.

Screen size issues

Currently, there are fairly limited options for the size of the corpkit main window. If you can’t see the status bar, it may be useful try switching the Dock to auto hide (via System Preferences), and reopening corpkit.

Various errors

If the console at the bottom is showing some kind of error, and it doesn’t make much sense to you, it’s probably a bug in the code. The best thing to do is to use the Save log button to generate a report of the issue, and then to send that to the author, preferably via GitHub Issues, so that problems and solutions are organised and available to others.

Undocumented things

There are features in corpkit that are not fully documented. If you can’t find any information about a feature on this site, please follow the steps above to contact the author. Good documentation is important!